DIY Temporary Kool-Aid Hair Dye Tutorial or how to look like My Little Pony.  You need one packet of unsweetend Kool-Aid, hair conditioner and white vinegar - exact recipe at link. My Little Pony Wallpaper hereSome small points that should often show up in a post show up in the comments like:

  •  I’ve heard it mostly washes out the first time you wash it, and completely in about 3 washes.
  • All colors will work on light hair. The colors that take better to dark hair are – purple, red, and green. Just like actual dying, it is difficult to go lighter without bleach (and please don’t bleach at home;). 
  • from a reader: WARNING: If you dye your hair or have highlights, don’t do this. I’ve tried it and the color stayed and stayed and stayed…. it was a real bummer
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