DIY Menstruation Celebration Party! Really! Have a friend who just got her period? Here are some great ideas of what to serve/wear/do at her party! From the Period Store’s launch party. AND they have a good sense of humor:

We were so happy to have the opportunity to celebrate this bloody business with our online and offline friends. 

To make it easier to find the party, we had a huge red balloon outside of the building with a sign that read “Are you on your period?”

Some Period foods included red velvet cupcakes, uterus sugar cookies, blood suckers (they were so good!). The drinks were also red of course - some favorites were the Italian Soda and Strawberry Ginger Cocktail. There was a photo boothan art stationhair braiding, temporary tattoos, and amazing party crowns created by Ryan out of crepe paper, tampons and pantyliners.  

If only they had mentioned Margaret…

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    What would you include at a party like this? We’d definitely recommend a raffle for a new, brightly colored SckoonCups!...
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